1,Our Dropshipping Service

Dropshipping is very popular in most of the online store E-commerce,most of the shopshippers choose Aliexpress as their supplier,while there are many problems with this method:

  • Quality Control is hard
  • Most Suppliers on Aliexpress are not Manufacturer actually
  • Most of the suppliers sell the goods by themself online also
  • They don’t care very much about you when you are small
  • When you have multi products for dropshipping,different suppliers had different method to deal with
  • It is hard to ask them send goods with your package and your logo
  • Shipping time is long
  • …………………………….

As an professional sourcing agent for small business owners,we can solve all the problems above for you,as we focus much more on your products,and we really want to help your business growing,with our service,you will get:

  • Real Manufacturer directly
  • We don’t sell ourself but help you sell online
  • Each item can packged with your logo and box design
  • We can inspect every item before shipping
  • Faster shippment than Aliexpress stores
  • Stable products and service from us to support you do this business bigger
  • …………………………….


Dropshipping Plan

Especially for E-commerce owners
$ 0
Only 5%~10% service cost of product value
  • $100~$500 stocks each product to start
  • Products from real Manufacturer Directly
  • Use advanced logistics company
  • TO USA normally 8~10 days
  • TO UK normally 7~9 days
  • We inspect each product before shipping
  • Customize the package for you

2,Process Details

dropshipping process
  1. You send us your product requirements,including images,target product links in Aliexpress,Amazon,Ebay and so on;
  2. We will source manufacturer for these products in and out of our suppliers database;
  3. Once we sourced this product,based on which country you want to sell,we will caculate the total cost for this product including the shipment;
  4. You check the total cost and confirm with us to start this product project or not;
  5. Once the item is confirmed to start,we need to purchase a MOQ batch of goods to keep it in stocks from manufacturer,so you need to arrange a Start Payment to us,it will be from $200~$1000.00 as per product;
  6. After we received your Start Payment,we will purchase the first batch goods,in the meanwhile,if you choose our Extra Service,we can also assist to design your logo and the package for each of the products which will be sent to your end customer.
  7. You run your online store,and once you have any order,you send us your order’s receive address information;
  8. We will send the products to the address you offered directly.


  • Usually we choose professional logistic company for shipment,for most of the goods,the time from China to USA is usually 8~10 days,from China to UK is usually 7~9 days after the tracking information started;Order processing need around 1~2 days;
  • The Start Payment include every product’s value and every product’s shippment depending on the country you told us before confirmation;
  • After our first batch goods were sold out after 1~3 months,if your daily selling quantity is more than 50pcs,from the second batch,you will no need to invest the Start Payment,we will purchase the goods from manufacturer for you in advance,and you pay us after you have new orders one by one. 
Monthly Selling AmountService Fee
Less than $500$50
$7,000-$10,000 7.5%

3,A Dropshipping Service Case Study


For Example,you are in clothes industry,and you find a item Yoga Workout Running Compression Exercise Shorts as right image show,and you sent this source requirement to us.

The process of this item for Dropshipping from YD Sourcing

  1. You submit an inquiry for this item dropshipping service,and you choose the package design service;
  2. We source the manafacturer of this item once we get your details requirements;
  3. Once we soured it,we will analyze the cost,like this product,we source it the product cost is $2.9/pcs,and if it is shipped to USA general area,the shippment cost is $4.0,with signature tracking information,8~10 days since the tracking information started,so the total cost for each product dropshipping is $6.9/pcs;
  4. If you sell at price $19.99, there should be enough margin for you to run FB or Google Ads;
  5. With our Package design,we will charge $150.00 for logo design and Pacakge design;
  6. If you accept this price,you can start this project at MOQ 200pcs,so the total cost for this Start Payment will be:($6.9 x 200 x (1+10%))+ $150= $1668.00;
  7. After this 200 pcs were sold out,if your daily selling quantity is more than 50 pcs,then for the second bacth,there is no need for you to invest the goods amount,we will purchase stocks from the manufacturer in advance;
  8. Once you have further order,you can order from us one by one at the same price $6.9,service fee will be add according to the selling amount in last month;


As a summary,for the first batch goods,it will be a test for you to start this products;from the second batch goods,before you get the order from your end customer,there will be no need for you to invest it again,until you had already get order from your own store.